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Individual critical information and twelfth grade transcripts usage myPass to ordering Alberta senior school records and certifications.

Individual critical information and twelfth grade transcripts usage myPass to ordering Alberta senior school records and certifications.

Incorporate myPass to put Alberta High School transcripts of the audio and certifications, check out stated Academic report (DARs) and.

Dinner table of items


MyPass is the Alberta government’s online tool for college students to:

  • arrange high-school transcripts of the audio in English or French
  • viewpoint diploma assessment scars
  • join to publish or rewrite degree checks with on the internet fees
  • viewpoint and create Detailed scholastic reviews (DAR)
  • watch advance towards a credential (degree or document)
  • arrange additional copies of an awarded credential in English or French
  • receive announcements for crucial messages

MyPass may also be used explore and produce the official history of whom students exists with and where the two living. This might be essential for some Ontario earnings company issues successful from college seasons 2017.

Need information to enroll in myPass

To register, you’ll want:

Youngsters can subscribe at his or her university or using the internet with myPass. Most of us motivate all students to join in standard 10.

Folks or guardians

Mothers or guardians can join at their child’s present senior school.

Other people

Students can grant myPass use of other individuals by going into his or her email address in myPass and specifying the relationship. This can generate an access laws. Other personal will then feedback this rule together with their email into myPass to see the student’s information.

Sign-up page

If students is not able to subscribe at their school or right with myPass, they might incorporate myPass to have a sign-up page shipped for their street address that will be these days on document. This letter can offer guidelines and permit these to securely make a myPass account.

  • When target on document is absolutely not recent, remember to communications college student Records.

The sign-up document have a gain access to signal good for month. If about 1 month has passed, people may either:

  • pay a visit to myPass to obtain connection once again, or
  • call her college

Account accessibility

Folks or guardians can access their unique child’s facts if:

  • each student keeps went to a certified Alberta school, and
  • the parent/guardian’s website information, most notably email address, was made an entry in from student’s class into PASIprep

Adults or guardians can access this data till the baby converts 18 years of age or becomes independent. Moms and dads or guardians will then request availability from your kid as an official customer.

Other people are only able to use a student’s know-how if:

  • students are 16 years old or senior
  • students offers attended a certified Alberta university, and
  • each student gives having access to an individual through myPass

Ignored passwords

Any time you overlook their myPass password:

  1. Go online to myPass
  2. Click “Sign in with degree profile”
  3. Click the “Forgot the password?” connect to create a fresh password

To help keep college student records secured, you need to log around and nearby the online world internet browser after opening myPass, particularly when making use of a general public or provided pc.


The Alberta Transcript of senior high school success offers the highest mark and credit grant to a student.

  • reporting of coursework finished in Alberta-accredited and out-of-province classes
  • additional information on distinct training mark problems
  • additional qualifications and dual enrolments to support the Provincial double loan Technique
  • security features in the report such temperature sensitive liquid and inserted watermarks
  • French accented figures


A student’s legal term, as recorded according to the Crucial stats work, is definitely displayed automatically on records, credentials and provincial assessments.

If students grew up in a legislation outside Alberta, the student’s brand is going to be displayed like it had been subscribed for the reason that jurisdiction or as signed up in an official administration of Canada report.

In most times, college students are necessary to give supporting government-issued recognition when working with the official data distributed by Alberta training including their own appropriate name. Some examples add:

Divorced dating review

  • student loans
  • post-secondary entry
  • business

This detection should align with official files from Alberta training in order to avoid misunderstandings or complications.

Learn to lawfully reprogram your title in Alberta.

Simple tips to get your very own transcript

Alberta post-secondary establishments

If you are applying to an Alberta post-secondary organization, the business can put transcripts of the audio using the internet as your representative from ApplyAlberta.

You might not generally be energized a fee.

General desires

University transcripts could be purchased anytime online using myPass and provided for a destination of your liking.

There certainly is a $10.00 non-refundable operating costs for each and every content.

Standard 9 Records

To purchase quality 9 transcripts, please speak to your class and/or class expert.

Newbie Transcripts Of The Audio

To put an Apprentice transcript, visit MyTradesecrets.

On line document agreement

College Student Reports Companies

Tightly upload accomplished methods and helping documents by using this tool.

Simply PDF forms and picture documents perhaps published.

We will communicate with a person by email within 5 working days of acquiring an entry.

Alberta Graduate Amount

You need an ASN to:

  • develop an Education make up myPass access
  • record to post a common Educational growth (GED) examination
  • connect with Alberta post-secondary institutions (universities, educational institutions, technological schools, and apprenticeship programming)
  • get funding methods (college student aid, scholarships, Rutherford grant and bursaries)

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