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I want to tell about MSc in Latin American Studies

I want to tell about MSc in Latin American Studies

In regards to the program

This is certainly a nine-month programme which spans three scholastic terms and is meant to offer an interdisciplinary comprehension of the primary developments in Latin America from c. 1900 to the current.

The economic cycle, the effect of international factors, the evolution of the Left and Right, revolutionary movements and the effects of neo-liberal economic models while the programme emphasises the specific features of individual countries, there is also broad comparative coverage of major trends such as authoritarianism and democracy.

The five core documents are:

  • Latin America since Independence
  • Introduction to the Latin American Economies
  • Sociology of Latin America
  • The International Relations of Latin America
  • The Politics of Democracy in Latin America

The papers that are optional offer differ from 12 months to 12 months. The following are currently available as a guide

  • Andean Politics
  • Cities and Citizenship in Latin America
  • Human Rights in Latin America
  • The Politics of Brazil
  • State, Organised Crime and Drug Trafficking in Latin America

These subjects are addressed through taught classes for a number of educational procedures (including history, politics, sociology, international relations and economics), individual planning for a selection of exam documents, and a lively programme of seminars and conferences with viewing speakers.

A typical week during term time calls for around 40 hours of study, including two to six hours of planned contact hours, a couple of hours when it comes to regular seminar and also at minimum thirty hours of independent work. During peak times around exams plus the due date for the thesis/dissertation, the quantity of work might be greater based on your very own research practices.


The allocation of graduate guidance for this course could be the duty associated with Oxford class of worldwide and Area Studies and it is not at all times feasible to support the preferences of inbound graduate students to work well with a specific person in staff. A supervisor may be found outside the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies under exceptional circumstances.


You will be asked to submit two portfolios of essays on topics of the option throughout the first couple of terms. Within the last term associated with the programme, you are needed to sit three exam papers from an inventory to be supplied on your own arrival in Oxford. The exam documents for 2021-22 are not yet verified, however you may see the product https://www.hookupdate.net/vrfuckdolls-review range of documents readily available for the present 12 months by visiting the program web page in the Latin American Centre website (see under more information and enquiries).

As well as the three exams, you shall have to submit a dissertation of 10,000 terms. The planning with this dissertation will assist you to create a critical focus by examining a certain topic in level.

Graduate destinations

Latin American Centre alumni work with a wide number of careers, both within and outside of Latin America, when you look at the general public and private sectors.

Changes to this program along with your guidance

The University will seek to provide this course relative to the description lay out in this program page. But, there could be circumstances by which it really is desirable or necessary for the University to create alterations in program provision, either before or after enrollment. The security of students, staff and site site visitors is vital and major modifications to delivery or solutions might have to be manufactured in circumstances of a pandemic (including ), epidemic or neighborhood wellness crisis. In addition, in a few circumstances, for instance as a result of visa difficulties or since the wellness requirements of students can’t be met, it may possibly be essential to make corrections to course needs for worldwide research.

Where possible your supervisor that is academic will alter through the duration of your program. Nevertheless, it could be essential to assign a brand new educational manager during this course of research or before registration for reasons that might consist of disease, sabbatical leave, parental leave or improvement in work.

For more information please see our web page on modifications to courses therefore the conditions of this pupil contract changes that are regarding courses.

Other courses you may desire to start thinking about

If you are considering trying to get this program, you may additionally need to look at the courses the following. These courses might have been suggested because of this course to their similarity, or since they are made available from the exact same division or faculty.

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