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I want to inform about Taraji P. Henson: Yvette

I want to inform about Taraji P. Henson: Yvette


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Joe Joe : i’d like my daddy.

Rodney : [From Background] Fuck your punk-ass daddy!

Yvette : You been fucking around?

Yvette : allow me to smell your cock.

Chris : have you been from the phone that is damn? Log off the telephone.

Yvette : What’s all of that sound? Will you be ok?

Sharika : That Is Chris. The nigga is trippin’. We have been consuming that Thug Passion.

Chris : get the phone off, bumping your gums, speaking with them hos.

Sharika : You have comprised with that nigga Jody yet?

Yvette : No. I ain’t contemplating him.

Sharika : Yeah, right. Jody understand that’s their pussy.

Yvette : i will not set up along with his shit forget about.

Chris : Hello! Lights on. Anybody house?

Sharika : we feel you.

Chris : log off the goddamn phone and come right right here, it off in your drawers so I can drop! Damn!

Sharika : These niggas journey if they think hey possess you. You will need to always check him.

Chris : You will need to always check these nuts in the mouth area.

Sharika : Shut the fuck up! The thing is i am from the phone that is damn! Shut your motherfucking ass up!

Chris : screw them hos! You constantly keep in touch with them bitches about their relationships. Focus on your nigga!

Yvette : Jody, please disappear completely.

Jody : you have your next-door next-door neighbors snooping! Girl open this door!

Yvette : Go, before I am got by you released!

Jody : Bang you, Yvette.

Yvette : screw me? After every one of the shit we set up with, with you! Fuck me personally Jody? Screw you!

Rodney : Hello? Hello? Yvette?

Jody : Naw, nigga, this ain’t no motherfuckin’ Yvette!

Rodney : Put Yvette from the phone, nigga!

Jody : Just Exactly Just What? This my phone, nigga! Do not phone my house you can forget!

Rodney : the way the *fuck* is the fact that yo’ home, nigga? That you don’t also live here. Is this Jody? The Jody that got my boo expecting and can not look after their obligations as a muthafuckin’ guy? Livin’ at yo’ mamma household? Perambulating the roads like a small ass kid? Nigga, you’s a *bitch*!

Jody : What? Yo’ ass in prison! you cannot state nothin’ about me personally and mine, homeboy. Look, do not phone my *fuckin’* house you can forget! My girl ain’t experiencing you. It is not occurring, cuz! Concentrate on maybe perhaps not dropping the detergent, you bitch-ass nigga!

Jody : i would like a block back at my motherfucking phone the next day, Yvette.

Yvette : okay, Jody, damn!

Jody : All in the phone distributing my company online. He in the other end chatting ’bout “Yeah, you are known by me reside with yo’ mamma.” I do not wanna notice that shit!

Yvette : Jody, you are known by me love me. In addition understand you bang other girls. I do not enjoy it, but I’m sure you. Therefore simply be genuine beside me. Man, you gone be honest or exactly what?

Jody : If it is possible to go. You’re just starting to can get on my nerves using this shit Yvette.

Yvette : i am getting on your own nerves? And also you’re the only fucking around. You will get with some of them girls you sell dresses to?

Jody : A few. There. You feel a lot better now? Everyone loves you, woman. You have my son and also you most likely gone be my wife. You would like me to be truthful?

Jody : you are my woman. Them other ho’s is tricks. I have sex to you personally, i do want to be I fuck other females occasionally with you, but. I’m not sure why, i simply do. That is the situation. You feel much better now? that is some sincerity for yo ass. Cope with it. I like you sufficient become truthful.

Yvette : Jody, me, you wouldn’t lie to me all the time if you loved. Go!

Jody : Hang On. It was got by you all twisted up! I lie ’cause I do love you. Being honest will mean I do not provide a fuck. Out in the road, we tell the ho’s the reality. We lie for your requirements because We worry about your emotions.

Jody : Yvette. Hi, baby. Baby, do not be mad at me personally. It ain’t my fault. I like you.

Yvette : What can it be Jody poly dating sites i am paying attention.

Jody : Some Mexican took your car.

Jody : You nevertheless got that monitoring thing on?

Jody : Cool. We are going to think it is in like thirty minutes. Phone the po-po’s and inform them what’s going on.

Yvette : we ain’t doing that.

Yvette : Because i am aware who stole my automobile.

Jody : Who? let me know whom took your vehicle infant and I also’ll get obtain it straight right back for you personally.

Yvette : we took my vehicle Jody.

Yvette : Mama gotta have life too.

Yvette : Nigga, whom told one to light my candles? You trippin’.

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