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Meet Up With The Indian Girls Wanting Take Down “Caste Apartheid”

Photos by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, DalitWomenFight

This week, grisly stories appeared of deaths of two Dalit child in Republic of india: a baby and children happened to be burned active in an arson challenge in Faridabad, a city near Delhi. His or her father, Jitender Kumar, who’s going to be an affiliate of India’s Dalit status (formerly acknowledged “untouchables”) presented the Rajputs, an upper-caste class, responsible for the deaths of his or her offspring.

Surging controversy and protests need since followed—including the preventing of the highway into Taj Mahal—especially after the unhealthy remarks associated with coupling Minister of county, V.K. Singh, that compared the killings within the stoning of canine: “If one rocks a dog, just how do the government become held accountable with this?”

“Untouchability features destroyed the untouchables, the Hindus and in the long run the nation and,” mentioned the latter B. R. [...]

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