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If this tale of a man with a poop fetish doesn’t cause delete Tinder, then I dont really know what will

He was spotted ALL OVER THE PLACE

Tinder is definitely a fucking cesspool, however some among us nevertheless consume too much several hours of our physical lives swiping aside hoping of finding someone halfway regular to bang and possibly bring brunch with. Some of us chance out and end up with genuine boyfriends; rest end up with a stomach full of laxatives and a person enamored along with shit — practically.

Plenty of brand-new Yorkers being posting a recent history about one with a “poop fetish” getting models on times and spiking all of them with laxatives… he or she it seems that slips them the supplements and becomes away whenever they land themselves. Hmm. Looks fishy!

Women: There is a man with a poop fetish matching with teenagers on Tinder in NY and [...]

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