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It appears quite unsightly an individual calls we Sapo, this means you understand, when someone dubs one a Sapo, they possibly dont would like you here.

Model: los cuales husband tan sapo(En) How nosy you will be.

Que maricada

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Actually regularly relate to something ridiculous, dumb or don’t beneficial.

For instance: ?Esta llorando por esto? Que maricada. (EN) Have You cry about any of it? Thats silly.


A Pichurria is one thing which is not valuable, this is insignificant.

Example: Que regalo brown pichurria o que man brown pichurria. (En) What a dull present or That boy was an item of dump.

Colombian Slang Hi

who is usher dating

As a tourist I like amazing someone by the actual considerably formal tactics to write in Spanish.

Very in Cuba, we talk about que bola? as well as in Mexico truly que pedo? [...]

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