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Profession & School Guarantee Dual Enrollment. Profession & university Promise offers kids the subsequent academic pathways

Profession & college or university guarantee twin registration gives eligible new york kids the ability to put a “jump start” and earn college or university loan toward a two-year or four-year degree at core Piedmont while continue to in senior high school. College tuition free of cost.

What You Should Discover

Profession & university guarantee provides students the next educational trails:

The Reasons Why Desire Middle Piedmont

Career & school guarantee provides you the chance to enjoy about 50 academic tools while are dually signed up for your very own university and also at core Piedmont, so you can see both senior high school and college or university loans for your courses you adopt with the application. On top of that, course used through job and college or university Promise two enrollment is tuition-free. CMS pays scholar costs for [...]

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